Sunday, February 8, 2009

Watch List: Milken Still Pressing for Pardon?

To date, we have found it difficult to generate the Obama Pardon Watch List, before the new president even grants his first pardon. But, we may have to relent with the kind of reporting that is going on with respect to "junk-bond king" Michael Milken. The 62-year old Milken finished his prison term 16 years ago, but his clemency application was rejected by both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. In the past, he has received the support of Rudolph Guiliani - his prosecutor. Reporters from the Los Angeles Times note that Milken's his most recent application was supported by the former Commissions of the Food and Drug Administration, Andrew von Eschenbach. As is also well-known, Milken hired Theodore B. Olson - a former Solicitor General under Bush. He has also started a foundation and raised more than $350 million for cancer research, donated millions for scholarship and education programs, and launched an economic think tank.

Alan M. Dershowitz, Harvard, explains Bush's rejection of the application words "Marc Rich." Says the Harvard professor, "The Marc Rich pardon made it very difficult for Bush to pardon anybody who is perceived to be wealthy." Thus, one wonders juat exactly how this explanation works for Bill Clinton. See story here.

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