Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Will Obama Pardon Marion Barry?

Tax cheat Timothy Geitner was named Secretary of the Treasury. Tax cheat Tom Daschel was nominated to be the Secretary of Health and Human resources. Given the fact that both nominations were strongly supported by President Obama - even after the tax evasions were made public - it seems worthwhile to focus on a piece in today's Washington Post. Del Wilbur reports federal prosecutors have asked that 72-year old Marion Barry, who has failed to file his returns on time in eight of the past nine years, be sent to jail. Amazingly enough, Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson recently denied a similar request on the ground that it has not been established that Barry's persistent delinquency has been "intentional." It is also reported that Mr. Barry's comment on the most recent motion is as follows: "I'm busy doing my work on the Council helping people get jobs and find affordable housing." Would Obama sit by and do nothing if Barry were actually headed toward jail? See Post story here.

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