Thursday, March 19, 2009

Illinois: Action from the Attorney General

On Monday, we noted Attorney Tamara Holder's report that the Illinois State police were holding up expungement orders in defiance of the judiciary. Today, Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun Times picks up the topic and sheds additional light on the circumstances. Mitchell notes the Chicago Reporter first found that 1,800 of 21,000 expungement and sealing orders mandated by state judges were not being enforced. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says she is "curious" to know the reasons being this "unconscionable" behavior and is "trying to find out what is going on." She also intends to meet with Gov. Quinn about this issue.

Mitchell then observes that there should be no surprise in all of this because "the Illinois State Police, which is headed by Larry G. Trent" who "has apparently taken his cues from the former governor." Rod Blagojevich "ignored" ex-offenders and the clemency process and usually had a backlog of applications in the thousands. Just as he was about to be thrown out of office, however, he pardoned 22 people. See the Sun Times piece here.

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