Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Illinois: Nothing to See Here

Could politics in the State of Illinois be any more boring? We think not. Yet, there is General Parker, who wants to be Mayor of Peoria. And who doesn't? The problem is that he has felony conviction (from a 1984 car theft) on his criminal record and, consequently, cannot hold public office. The solution? Simple: the governor pardons him. No not that governor, he is gone, currently working on that new book deal. It would be up to the new governor - who has yet to grant a pardon. Meanwhile, State's Attorney Kevin Lyons is giving Parker until Wednesday to withdraw from the race. Parker says, however that he is not "quitting the people" or "bowing out" of the race because the people "want" him to "continue fighting for them." A local election commissioner says, "We don't have the authority to take him off and we wouldn't take him off. Now, if we're ordered by a court to take him off then we'll have to do something." See story here and here.

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