Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watch List: Opposition to Peltier

Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Joseph H. Trimbach welcomed President Obama to Washington with a two-page letter requesting that Obama reject all petitions for executive clemency on behalf of Leonard Peltier. Peltier was convicted of the murder of two federal agents (Ron Williams and Jack Coler) in 1975 and his application for clemency was formally rejected in the final days of the administration of George W. Bush. Bill Clinton did not act on Peltier's application. Trimbach's letter emphasizes Peltier's guilt and lack of remorse and describes any potential grant of clemency as “an abomination of justice” that would have “far-reaching ramifications" for "the FBI, and for the people of Indian Country.” The letter also notes that many well-intentioned people have been fooled by the 64-year-olds' persona as a “political prisoner” that has enabled him to raise millions of dollars for a "defense fund." Peltier, for example, is supported by Robert Redford, David Geffen, and other Hollywood celebrities. See additional details here.

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Anonymous said...

I've followed the Peltier case for many years and have found his dishonesty striking, his denials shallow and contradictory, and his guilt very probable. Despite what he claims, more than one witness placed him at the scene of the executions, according to trial transcripts. Peltier himself, on CNN, admitted shooting at the agents which goes to proving his aiding and abetting conviction. After saying he never approached them, when pressed, he changed his story, saying he did go down to the exact spot where the agents were found. Another contradiction. For a long time, Peltier swore that Mr. X was the real killer, that is, until X was exposed as a made-up story. Then Peltier changed his story again, saying he does not know who X is. Either way, he is a liar, and more than likely, a killer who is not sorry for his crimes.

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