Thursday, April 9, 2009

Arkansas: Request

The Times-Herald reports that Henry Giles is seeking clemency from the Arkansas Board of Parole . Giles is serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 1975 murder of a woman in a shoe store. Giles was originally sentenced to death by electrocution, but the Arkansas Supreme Court reversed the jury’s decision because of evidence regarding a low IQ. Thirty-three years later, Giles is making his first request for clemency and a deputy prosecutor says he will oppose the request. See story here.

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Anonymous said...

Well I dont know much about this gentlemen. I know Mr Beebe is an Ex-attorney general so he will be very tight when it comes to clemency or commutation. Mr. Beebe needs to know he has just as many voters who have loved ones locked up also. I don't agree everyone should be out. Some of these young men were 21 and younger first offenders and it was not a situation where they just woke up killed someone and shot them multiple times. Basically I'm trying to say to lock a child up for the rest of their life is cruel and unusable punishment. Let our babies go. Most of these children are a product of their enviroment. I think it is outrageous to give a young man whether black or white a life without sentence and they were immature searching for something in the wrong place and not only are people whom they might have harmed and their families are victims, but so are the families of the criminal. Everytime I go down to the prison to see my son. I am tore up inside. He was just a baby he started going down the wrong path searching for something a Father's love his place in society something. He made a mistake one time not a monstrous act, but a wrong decision. I blame myself. I wish I could do his time for him. Now he has been locked up for 14years and I miss him. He has went from a boy to a man and found what he was searching for a relationship with God. He has never had any prior acts of violence and since in jail he has not received any. On the night in question he was under the influence of a drug given to him by a so-called friend who tricked him into smoking some sherm. He had never even used drugs before. He fired a weapon one time and the bullet traveled and killed an armed clerk who was drawing on him. I ask does my baby deserve to spend the rest of his life behind bars? No I guess if it happens to a family member of his maybe he'll start letting some of these babies go. I will be petitioning everyone I know that has a loved one in prison to vote. Mr. Beebe you are not the Attorney General anymore and if you continue to look over these men as though they don't exist I will make it my God driven purpose to try and contact as many as I can that has loved ones locked up and believe me there are plenty and we will write our legislature and get out and vote. Loosen up Mr. Beebe. Everyone speaks ill of Governor Huckabee and the unfortunate events that took place after 1 person got out and killed. Did anyone forget about the other 797 people he pardoned, commuted, or released no one has said anything because there is nothing to say on the others.LET OUR 1RST TIME OFFENDERS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 WITH NO PRIOR ACTS OF VIOLENCE AND NONE SINCE SENTENCING GO.

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