Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Context: Representation in Pardon Applications

Last October, former U.S. Pardon Attorney Margaret Love noted most of George Bush's pardons and commutations were granted to persons who did not retain legal representation in the clemency process. PardonPower now shares these preliminary data on representation in clemency applications for previous administrations:

President (term) - Percent of Recipients Represented by Counsel

Jimmy Carter - 32 percent
Ronald Reagan (1) - 40 percent
Ronald Reagan (2) - 33 percent
Geogre H.W. Bush - 39 percent
Bill Clinton (1) - 32 percent
Bill Clinton (2) - 25 percent

We emphasize that these data are preliminary. Also the data for Clinton's second term are somewhat problematic because so many pardons and commutations did not go through the normal channels. PardonPower will refine and update these data in future posts.

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