Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Fall of the Presidential Pardon

Maya Schenwar has written a very readable piece on the "Fall of the Presidential Pardon" at Scoop Indpendent News. Among other things, it notes:

... Another little-noted factor has contributed to the dearth of recent pardons: The Office of the Pardon Attorney has long been underfunded and understaffed.

... "There's been a huge backlog under the [Bush] administration, which is basically a resource issue; not providing sufficient staff to review applications," Mauer told Truthout. Instead of prompting more hires, the backlog has perpetuated a shoddy, negligent review process, according to former Pardon Attorney Love.

"These cases are not getting fully reviewed," Love told Truthout. "It seems like the main objective of the current pardon attorney is to manage the backlog by getting rid of cases as soon as he can; turning them around at the door. I've heard he's not even getting the pre-sentence report in most cases."

Compounding the situation, the pardon attorney in office for the past 10 years was known for discriminatory behavior, and was recently removed from office following accusations of racism ...

See complete article here.

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