Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Final Four of Everything !

In about one month, Simon and Schuster will be hitting the bookshelves with The Final Four of Everything (Mark Reiter and Richard Sandomir, Editors). The book will feature contributions from experts on everything from breakfast cereal and movie gunfights to First Ladies and bald guys ... and, yes, even presidential pardons! The Simon and Schuster web page notes this will be "the perfect book for know-it-alls, know-a-littles, and anyone with an opinion on celebrity mugshots, literary heroes, sports nicknames, or bacon." As the title suggests, The Final Four will present topics via bracketology, the official communication device of the NCAA basketball tournament pairings each March. One major difference: "The Final Four of Everything takes the idea one step further, and applies the knockout format to every category BUT basketball."

So, who will make the cut and advance through the ranks? Which acts of federal executive clemency will charge into the final four? Roger Clinton? George Steinbrenner? G. Gordon Liddy? Rick Hendrick? Junior Johnson? Tokyo Rose? Armand Hammer? Scooter Libby? Peter Yarrow? the Birdman of Alzatraz? Jean Lafitte and the Baratarian Pirates? Marcus Garvey? Eugene Debs? Richard Nixon? Hold your breath and get ready to be entertained and informed!

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