Saturday, April 18, 2009

Illinois: Quinn Doing What Obama Should Be Doing

 The Chicago Sun-Times has nothing but praise for Gov. Quinn, who recently "took a first crack" at a "massive pile" of clemency applications left on the desk of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Quinn granted only 11 of 31 requests that he reviewed. But the point is that he did take the time to see that they were reviewed. And, as the Sun-Times puts it, the long-suffering applicants were given "the decency of an answer." Some have been waiting more than six years! And thousands, literally thousands, more are still waiting.

Noting that the backlog of at least 2,500 cases is "an affront to fairness and justice," the Sun-Times could have really hit the ball out of the park and called on another notable Illinois-politician-made-good to give the pardon power some attention to an equally large backlog which is the byproduct of similar neglect.

President Obama, Are you there? Are you listening? See Sun-Times editorial here.

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