Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tennessee: Fugitive? or Pardon Recipient?

Dave Canfield of The Saratogan has a great story here regarding one Robert T. Henry III. Mr. Henry has been arrested and is accused of leaving a work release program way back in 1980 while serving out a 15-year sentence for robbery. Now 62-years-old, Henry says, with great confidence, that he was pardoned because his family gave Gov. Ray Blanton $10,000 in political contributions in exchange for clemency! This is the first of a two-part series.

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Cheryl in TN said...

I tend to believe this man, because he was living out in the open in New York, receiving VA benefits, and such. Also, after having been contacted by the VA that his benefits were to be discontinued due to his being a felon, Mr. Henry, himself, contacted the authorities, along with the mayor and governor of NY to resolve, what he thought, was a glitch. He says his attorney had him sign a "floater" saying that in exchange for his pardon/clemency he would agree to leave TN and never return. I live in Tennessee and the corruption of buying those pardons and liquor licenses was true. It still happens, sometimes, on a local level.

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