Monday, June 15, 2009

Military Mercy: Contact Information

U.S. Army James Vick
U.S. Army Clemency and Parole Board
1914 Jefferson Davis Highway
CCM4 2nd Floor, Room 222
Washington, DC 22202
Phone: 703-607-1504 / Fax: 703-607-2047

U.S. Air Force James Johnston
U.S. Air Force Clemency andParole Board
1535 Command Drive EE
Wing 3rd Floor
Andrews AFB, MD 20762
Phone: 240-857-5329/ Fax: 240-857-1814

Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard:
President, Naval Clemency and Parole Board
720 Kennon Street, SE, Room 309
Washington Navy Yard
Washington, DC 20374-5023
Phone: 202-685-6455

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