Sunday, June 14, 2009

Virginia: Request

Another intriguing story from the Roanoke Times .... In 1988, Davey Reedy was convicted of starting a fire that killed his own two children and received two life terms plus 10 years. Now, after having served twenty-one years, he continues to maintain his innocence, has been paroled and is seeking clemency from Governor Tim Kaine. Amazingly, the story reads in part:
Prosecutors argued that Reedy torched his house while the children slept, then jumped out of a window, for one of two reasons: Either he bailed out of an intended murder-suicide, or he set the fire with the hope of rescuing his children and looking like a hero.
It is also reported that "a key piece of evidence" at trial was traces of gasoline on Reedy's shirt. It also did not help that he had previously threatened to burn down the house, with himself and the children inside.

Reedy filed a 65-page clemency request with Gov. Mark Warner in 2003. It is reported that, although Virginia abolished parole in 1995, about 8,000 inmates are still subject to the old laws. There are lots of other interesting details in the complete story here.

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