Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cheney, Libby, ZZZZZZ

It is to be admitted up front that this blog has rarely seen anything of significant worth in the writing of Time or Newsweek re presidential pardons. Each seems to dedicate significant space and lots of serious looking photographs to stories that state (and re-state) the obvious and make elaborate attempts to appear "inside" - and, along the way, usually produce little about which to be impressed. For example: "A senior administration official said pardons tend to be for the repentant" ... "A confident of Cheney said he was angry to lose" ... "a Bush family friend said Cheney was relentless" ... Wow.

All lightening and no thunder.

Now comes a Time piece entitled "Inside Bush and Cheney's Tense Final Days." From the get-go, it is worthy of note that it is now well known that, near the end of the term, Cheney lobbied hard for the pardon of Scooter Libby and was deeply disappointed that Bush did not yield to his argumentation. It is also well known (via the rescinded pardon of Isaac Toussie) that Fred Fielding served as an important adviser to President Bush in matters regarding pardons. All of that information has the stench of about seven months now. Try as you may to find something more of substance in this piece and, well, it will be difficult.

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