Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ohio: Opposition to Clemency

The Ohio Parole Board voted 5-2 that a reprieve be granted for Jason Getsy, who is scheduled to be executed next month. The Tribune Chronicle reports, however, that the "elected county prosecutors all across the state" are trying to convince Gov. Ted Strickland to allow the execution. A petition with more than 1,400 signatures on petitions is also calling for the execution. Getsy was convicted for the "aggravated" murder of a 66 year old woman and attempted murder of her son. See story here.


NedHamson said...

Well, down here at the Community Justice and Peace Center (Families that Matter) in Cincinnati we are hard at work getting more petitions supporting the Parole Board's recommendation for clemency. If you wish, go to and plug in Getsy and you will find the latest petition. Amnesty International also has a supportive petition going as well.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

More news from Colorado on juvenile clemency (with statistics);

More new about the Colorado Juvenile Clemency Board can be found at:

The Governor's office had offered additional information to defend its position after a Colorado Public Radio piece on the Board and a subsequent blog post I wrote about it that has been apparently widely distributed. The original post is found at:

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