Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ohio: Request

The Ohio Parole Board has recommended (in a 5-2 vote) that a commutation of sentence be granted to Jason Getsy, who was convicted of murder and attempted murder. The News-Herald says a major factor in the decision appears to have been the fact that a co-defendant "who initiated and organized the crime" received only a life sentence, whereas Getsy was sentenced to death. According to this report there is some opposition developing to the commutation recommendation.

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NedHamson said...

The Trumbull County prosecutor who argued the case before the Parole Board is trying to bypass the Parole Board and pressure the Governor by circulating petitions asking the Governor to ignore the Parole Board. The key concern of the Parole Board, among other reasons, was that the person who organized and hired people for a hit on his competitor was given life in prison, as were two-other defendants. Getsy was the only one given the death sentence.

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