Friday, August 7, 2009

Post Vexed at Kaine's Clemency

The Washington Post features an editorial which "sympathizes" with Gov. Kaine, given the pressures he might feel while wielding the pardon power in murder cases, but nonetheless expresses dismay that he could not do a better job in the case of the so-called "Norfolk Four." As the Post puts it:
... No wonder 13 jurors from two of the trials later called for a full pardon for the four, joining a dozen former judges and prosecutors, four former Virginia attorneys general and 30 former FBI agents. That's why we are dismayed by the decision of [Kaine], who this week announced he would free -- but not pardon -- the three men who were serving life sentences for the Moore-Bosko murder. [Essentially], the governor commuted the sentences of the Norfolk 4 to time served, which means that even in freedom their lives will be circumscribed by sex offender registries, the lingering stigma of guilt and other burdens ...
The Post argues the governor's "formulation" fits "poorly with the facts." See full editorial here.

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