Thursday, September 24, 2009

Florida: Another Romeo Pardon

The Miami Herald reports Governor Charlie Crist has granted another so-called "Romeo Pardon." At age 21, John Eugene Kemp was once convicted of having consensual sex with an underage girl (15) and had to register as a sex offender. Today, however, he is married to the same female and they are the parents of three children. See story here.


Anonymous said...

What is the deal with Florida granting pardons to sex offenders.These "Romeo Pardons" are wrong. In this post. The man was 21 years old and knew that he was having sex with a child of 15 years old. What is going thru the mind of Governor Crist when he considers a pardon for a sex offender? So now they are married and the man has 3 children by the same girl he had sex with when she was a child. That does not excuse the fact that he went to a child and had sex with her. He should of got at least 10 years for this act.But instead he was rewarded by the Governor for his perverted act of child sex abuse with a full pardon.Shame on you Governor Crist.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Governor Crist for his decision in this case. The young man involved in this so-called crime will live with the effects of it for his entire life. The fact is that some 15 year old girls have sex. If the man (or in this case boy) goes on to marry the girl and has children with her, then I think it proves to the world that this was an act of love consensual by both parties. I think we as Americans should take a long hard look at the stigma that goes with the label. Don't get me wrong, I feel that a man who rapes a child (or anyone else)by forcing her to have sex should get the maximum sentence. However, what is rape and consensual sex must be differentiated. A registered sex offender can't take or pick up his child from school. A registered sex offender can't attend important events such as graduations at most schools. In this particular case, that is only punishment to the innocent children whose parents love each other, had sex, and are building a life together. Not to mention the difficulty he has finding a job to support his family. For the rest of his life he will live with this public label, his address being posted for the world to see on the internet, embarrassment for his children, and fear of hate crimes.
The only person who can change that for this family is the governor of the sate. I'm sure other matters where considered such as has he committed any other crimes. Is he a real threat to society? Thank God people grow and change and try to live better lives. I know that every case is different, but let's educate ourselves and not speak out of ignorance and prejudices against our public leaders.

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