Sunday, September 27, 2009

Watch List: Mark Whitacre

The Informant is now out in theaters across the country, so CNN caught up with Mark Whitacre (see our Pardon Watch List) and asked, among other things:
What's the status of the presidential pardon you requested?

The pardon really won't happen yet because a pardon requires five years out of prison. Now the FBI and even one of my former prosecutors have tried -- tried to go around the guideline to apply for a pardon. They tried to show, because of my mental illness and because of the bigger case, that I gave them more compared to what I did wrong, but I'm not even three years out until this December. But when I hit that five-year mark, we're really going to push it hard. Really, the pardon doesn't really do -- I mean, my family stayed with me, and I'm employed.
For the complete CNN interview, click here.

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Anonymous said...

The following link includes 3 new articles regarding FBI's push for a Whitacre pardon.

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