Saturday, October 24, 2009

Watch List: Obama "Ducking?"

In a very odd piece, the UK's Times Online is suggesting that President Obama has, somehow or another, "ducked out" of pardoning the long dead boxer Jack Johnson. The evidence? The president's "grim caution" in handling the request! Yes, you almost have to read it to believe it! More seriously, the piece notes:
Professor Douglas Berman, a constitutional expert at Ohio State University, noted last week that only three of 38 presidents between Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan failed to grant pardons during their first 100 days in office ... Obama is now in his 10th month as president and has not granted a single clemency or commutation of sentence. “It is a sad and telling commentary on the emptiness of the rhetoric of hope and change [that] President Obama was not able to find even a single case in the massive federal criminal justice system meriting some kind of clemency relief during his first 100 days in office,” said Berman. “I’m very disappointed.”
And, the piece asks the obvious question:
And is a 100year-old case really the best place to start when the Justice Department is considering more than 1,300 petitions submitted to the pardon office so far this year ?
See the entire article here.

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