Monday, November 9, 2009

Hasan to be Tried in Military Court reports here that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan will be charged in a U.S. military court as opposed to a civilian court. Hasan, of course, will be held responsible for the killing of 13 men and women and for wounding 29 others at Fort Hood, Texas. To date, the following has been reported re Hasan:

1. Breitbart: "[he is an] observant Muslim who was strongly opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and appeared to be struggling to reconcile his faith and his duty as a military officer. His family said he was going to be sent to Afghanistan in November and was trying to get out of the assignment."

2. ABC News: One month ago, the U.S. intelligence community became aware of multiple attempts Hasan made to contact members of al Qaeda.

3. Washington Post: Just prior to the shootings, Hasan was heard to say "God is Great" in Arabic.

4. Washington Post: Hasan "authored Internet postings on the nobility of suicide bombings."

5. FOX News: "A former colleague told Fox News that Hasan had praised the shooting of two Army recruiters by a "lone wolf jihadist" earlier this year in Little Rock, Ark."

6. NPR: "Two psychiatrists who worked with Hasan at Walter Reed and asked not to be identified told NPR that ... Hasan also once tried to convert a patient to Islam and that he received a verbal warning.

The current conventional wisdom seems to be that the motive(s) for the killings is (are) beyond all comprehension. And to think, the Bush administration was criticized for failing to "connect dots" !!!

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