Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Illinois: The Mighty Quinn! 133 Pardons!

  While the President of the United States was participating in the annual "turkey pardon," back in his home state of Illinois the Governor was wielding the pardon power in a manner more befitting an executive with serious concerns about the injustice of inaction.

Governor Pat Quinn today approved 133 clemency petitions. The Governor's offices says this is simply "the next step" in a series of clemency decisions "aimed at ending a massive backlog of nearly 2,500 cases that built up during the previous administration." The 133 clemency petitions approved by Governor Quinn are part of 265 cases from the October 2003, January 2004, April 2004, July 2004 and October 2004 dockets. Each person granted clemency has recently undergone a criminal background check. Since taking office in January, Governor Quinn has acted on 361 clemency petitions with 179 approved and 182 denied.

KWQC Davenport reports that Among those pardoned was 67-year old Stephen Cage of Chicago "who has been seeking a pardon since 2003 for a 1960 armed robbery." Cage has maintained that he his actually innocent and wants to be a teacher. Andrew Reyes had his 1992 attempted murder conviction "expunged." His conviction was overturned. The State Journal and Register reports that Michael Williams is also among the recipients. Williams, a leader of Unity For Our Community and One in a Million Inc., who was convicted of theft and forgery in1994 and1995. See story here and here and here.


Anonymous said...

Is Gov Quin going to grant anymore pardons for 2010?

Anonymous said...

Governor Quinn is a joke; both he and the Prisoner Board is a waste of taxpayer’s money. What about Edwin Ayala’s petition Governor Quinn you scumbag? What about the fact that; since my release I have secured a bachelors in computer science, become a productive member of my community, and have not been associated, or convicted of another crime over 14 years? Can you and your administration say the same? And regardless of my atonement I continue to be discriminated on in the workplace, and will always be limited in my full potential. I am married and have 2 children in one of the worst economies no thanks to your administration and have to work 10 times harder to get a job? You are a jerk, and so is Montes and it is funny of all the petitions you signed you didn't sign mine which was sitting in the governors office over 5 years. You and Montes are cherry picking, without any real consideration for atonement. No surprise considering the corruption your administration continues to perpetuate. I know the truth; and the truth is I am not one of the boys and I do not kiss your or Montes butt, and to tell you the truth no one should have to. Do you guys even know the different between right and wrong? Oh that is right? You do not have to because the law doesn’t apply to you only to taxpayers and police officers.

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