Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Illinois: Pardon the Victims of Corrupt Judges!

A notable Illinois attorney, Tamara Holder has written an open letter to the governor requesting clemency on behalf of individuals sentenced by 17 judges who were pinched in the federal sting popularly known as Operation Greylord. Says Holder:
... Greylord judges did not act impartially but instead had a vested interest in cases by getting paid by defense attorneys in exchange for favorable sentence. For example, one man pleaded guilty to a crime he did not commit because his attorney (whom he met when the attorney approached him in the hallway the first day of court) told him that if he signed over his bond money, the attorney would "make the case go away." Little did the man know that he was pleading guilty to felony probation and would be a convicted felon for the rest of his life.
See the full letter at Holder's blog here.

1 comment:

Tamara N. Holder said...

Thank you for posting this on your site. I really don't see any reason why the Governor shouldn't grant my request. Have a wonderful day. You are doing such great work, my friend!

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