Thursday, December 10, 2009

DOJ Sucker Punches Johnson Pardon Bid

 The Associated Press is reporting that the Justice Department is officially "not supporting" a bi-partisan bid to obtain a symbolic pardon for Jack Johnson, the long dead, African-American heavyweight boxing champion who was charged with violating the Mann Act many, many years ago.
U.S. pardon attorney, Ronald L. Rodgers (whose name should appear in the Nation's newspapers much more often than it does) has informed Republican Representative Peter King (in a letter ) that the Department's general policy is not to process so-called posthumous pardon requests. Instead (the letter suggests) the Department's resources for pardon requests are best used on behalf of people "who can truly benefit" from them. PardonPower could not agree more and looks forward to hearing of many grants of clemency recommended by Mr. Rodgers! See AP story here.

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