Wednesday, December 9, 2009

South Dakota: Pardon (Regular and Huckabee'd Version)


Gov. Mike Rounds has pardoned Tiffany Klapperich, who was sentenced to 180 days in jail in 2006 for a bar fight. Klapperich was also ordered to pay costs and restitution for a pair of glasses. The governor's press secretary says that he (Rounds) "spends an incredible amount of time considering every pardon request ... and even makes calls on his own to settle any questions he may have." He also does a great deal of "soul searching." See story here.


Today, Governor Mike Rounds unilaterally pardoned a violent criminal, charged with a physical assault in public. The governor gave no specific reason for directly contradicting the decision making of judges and prosecutors in the criminal courts of South Dakota, but a spokesperson did make reference to what appears to be some kind of new-age spiritual / religious practice of "soul searching." Whatever the case may be, Rounds is solely responsible for anything else that goes wrong in the recipient's life for at least the next ten years!


Tiffany said...

Hi my name is Tiffany Klapperich, I am not a violent criminal, I am a single mother who is bettering my life, Thank you for your concern about the future problems I may cause. Let me just ask you a question... Have you ever slapped, hit, stole, got drunk, deceived, manipulated, hurt, lied, sinned... EVER??? Can you judge me for making a mistake one time when it was a fight between not just me and someone else but 6 girls, that's what the story doesn't add, No I am not the one who started it either. Please don't be that naive that I am the only person in the world that has done something wrong and tried to make it better. Please get your facts straight before you judge and belittle some one like me.

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

EDITOR - Tiffany, You are not reading this post correctly. This blog has long held that Governor Huckabee's use of the pardon power has been unfairly criticized. The satire in this post is not directed toward you at all, but is instead directed toward the media, which has a way of reporting pardon in the worst way possible.

I can assure you that I am very pleased the governor exercised clemency in your case. And I wish you nothing but the very best in the future.


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