Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Politico: Palin Can't Resist Piling On

The Politico reports Sarah Palin is now in on the inaccurate and after-the-fact piling on of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Palin is reported to have said that Huckabee made a “horrible decision” nine years ago when he commuted the prison sentence of Maurice Clemmons, making Clemmons eligible for parole.

Palin is not known to have said anything about the Clemmons commutation over the last nine years. Nor are we aware that she has ever been critical of Huckabee's interest in the clemency power generally. It is only now, nine years after the fact, that she says, "It was a bad decision obviously." The Politico also reports:

As governor of Alaska, she said she had never been in the position of having to grant a prisoner clemency, adding that “most Alaskans know me well enough to know that I don’t have a whole lot of mercy for the bad guys.”

“I’m on the good guys’s side,” she said. “I’m all about redemption and recovery and reform and all that. But I will always error on the side of punishing even stricter, even harder on the bad guys.”

Outstanding. If a person is about to be executed and there is some evidence of innocence, Palin will err "on the side of punishing" and go ahead with the execution! Brilliant. See complete Politico piece here.

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