Friday, December 4, 2009

Romney's Contribution to Clemency Ignorance

Mitt Romney is quoted as saying:
"My conclusion was if somebody has been convicted by a jury of their peers and they have been prosecuted and the police were able to get the evidence necessary to put them behind bars, why in the world would I step in and reverse that sentence?"
See story here. The quote was, of course, meant to be in relation to Gov. Huckabee and the Maurice Clemmons case. On the other hand, as it is now well-known, Huckabee did not "reverse" Clemmons' sentence (at least not in any normal sense of the English language).

No one knows if Romney would take the same position - of refusing to do anything - if 1) a judge recommended a modification of a sentence for a prisoner 2) a state parole board unanimously recommended the same modification and 3) the original sentencing judge did not oppose the recommendation. What would Romney do then, and why?

PardonPower is also interested in knowing if Romney is aware of DNA evidence and the manner in which, on occasion. it can render the decision making of juries and the police stupid, unjust.

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