Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MIssissippi: Call for Pardon!

The Clarion Ledger reports "Civil rights leader" Charles Evers plans to ask President Barack Obama to pardon former Hinds County prosecutor and judge Bobby DeLaughter. As Evers puts it, "All he (DeLaughter) did was lie." Or, more fully, he explains, "What man can tell me he hasn't lied? You're telling me he should spend 18 months in prison for that?"

DeLaughter stepped down as a Hinds County circuit judge, in July, and pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in a corruption investigation involving multimillionaire and former lawyer Dickie Scruggs. More specifically, he admitted that he lied to FBI agents when he said he had two conversations with former Hinds County District Attorney Ed Peters about a pending lawsuit against Scruggs, when he actually had dozens. See full story here.

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Anonymous said...

I agree the pardon power may need greater use at the state and federal level. However, remember that habeas corpus, a civil action, serves the same function. In my state, you're more likely to get a writ of habeas corpus than a pardon.

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