Monday, January 11, 2010

Ohio: Clemency Success Stories

Laura A. Bischoff, of the Dayton Daily News, is presenting a series of stories on individuals who have been the recipients of clemency in the State of Ohio. But hold your horses! None of them presents the Maurice Clemmons scenario - which is to say, they are all much, much more representative of the hundreds and thousands of individuals who have benefited from mercy (state and federal) who have gone on live quite, productive, law-abiding lives.

They don't usually make the headlines. There isn't any political payoff to misrepresenting their records or distorting the facts in relation to the decision making that led to their pardon, or commutation of sentence. As a result, these are great stories, and they very useful. They can serve to realign excitability and perceptions with cold, hard fact. Lord knows we are all in need of this kind of realignment after the bumpy "reporting" of the Clemmons' affair! Please take a few minutes to check out this great reporting:

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