Thursday, January 7, 2010

Texas: Dead People Welcomed Here

Texas may have the reputation of being a place where you can be executed, but the State's Attorney General has ruled that, if the Governor wants, he can now pardon you after he has allowed you to be executed. The new policy is said to be the result of the case of Timothy Cole, who was proven to be innocent via DNA, but died in prison before being informed of it. See complete story here.


Gritsforbreakfast said...

FWIW, it was actually a pretty decent, informative opinion (at least I thought so), overturning a 45-year old Texas ruling based on an 1833 SCOTUS precedent the feds have since abandoned.

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

EDITOR: We agree, but could not help but play upon the context (Texas). The second paragraph of the story that we linked also seemed pretty confusing. Will look for better explanations of the law in the future.

The Team said...

Great Post & topic. Maybe now with Texas Governors having the green light to pardon the dead, we can move in another direction of righting all past wrongs?

NOTE: The Governor that implements any of these will gain hero status overnight.

*Document & make public record of all Board members votes regarding 'all' Regular Pardons & Full Pardons - based on innocence. *Include the names in the Denial Letters. *Stop systematically denying applicants; without an attorney and/or assistance of a project or faith based group. *Include closed cases having absolutely nothing to do with DNA or Death Row. *Include applicants possessing evidence of actual innocence. *Include an automatic review of all cases prosecuted by an A.D.A. connected to an exoneration and/or wrongful conviction. *Include an automatic review of all arrest made by officers connected to an exoneration and/or wrongful conviction.

Without transparency and inclusion the entire process is a total farce and we as Texans should be ashamed. We get what we deserve when we 'vote just to be voting' & when we vote without vetting. Thanks.

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