Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Viginia: Gov. Kaine on Clemency

A selection from an interview in today's Washington Post:

Reston, Va.: Governor, thank you for your service! Will a final part of your legacy include restoring the voting rights of felons who have paid their debt to society and seek to regain their full place in the community?

Gov. Tim Kaine: I have used the executive clemency powers tor restore vopting rights for more than 4,400 Virginians. That is by far the most rights restoratins that any Virginia governor has done. Some have asked me to issue a blanket order retoring voting rights for an unknown number of unnamed individuals who have not applied to have their voting rights retored. While I am still wrestling with this request, I have some concerns whether it would be a use of the governor's powers in accort with the Constitution or not.

See full interview here.

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