Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Watch List: And Why Not?

As President Obama heads into his 400th day as President without granting a single pardon or commutation of sentence, John Adams (whom he will pass next on the "historically slow" list) is getting nervous in his grave. So, it might seem more silly than usual to produce a "Watch List." Nonetheless, we are keeping our eyes on the following:

- Clarence Aaron (drug dealing) denied by Bush, downright baffling
- ACORN (voter fraud)
- Weldon Angelos - application in, interesting potential
- Jim Black (corruption) application in
- Rod Blagojevich (corruption) federal trial still ahead
- Edwin Edwards (racketerring) application rejected by Bush
- Katie Hall (mail fraud) application in
- Hameda Hasan strong support via publicity campaign, interesting potential
- Ron Isley (tax evasion) finishing a 3-year sentence in April
- William Jefferson (bribery) 12-year sentence, being tried for additional charges
- Jack Johnson (violation of Mann Act) application in, negative vibes from the DOJ
- Marion Jones (steroids) application in
- Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac Execs might require Republican victories in 2010

- Michael Milken (junk bond king) application denied by Bush

- Chibueze Okorie (driver for a heroine ring) denied by Bush in ugliest of circumstances

- Tony Rezko (corruption) Obama "spokesman" once said it will not happen
- George Ryan (corruption) once again, applying the pressure
- Richard Scrushy (bribery)
- Wesley Snipes (tax evasion) out on appeal
- Don Siegelman (trading favors for contributions)
- Martha Stewart (obstruction of justice) hard to ignore long-time celebrity party supporters
- Michael Vick (conspiracy to operate interstate dogfighting ring) our sleeper
- Mark E. Whitacre (wire fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering) movie is out!

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