Friday, March 5, 2010

Apology to Our Readers

Blogger has decided to remove all of its FTP services so people like myself have to "migrate" our blogs elsewhere.

I would feel a lot better if I had any real idea of what that means exactly, but, as it stands, it appears to mean - at least for a while anyway - no pretty pictures and a lot of dead links!

I will address each issue as I learn to resolve it, but beg for you patience - PSR

1 comment:

QC WatchDog said...

I would be willing to host your blog on my servers and provide you with whatever you need.

If you're interested let me know how much bandwidth, hits, and hard drive space you average each month and we'll work something out at little or no cost.

I really enjoy the blog and the information y'all provide and wouldn't mind giving back.

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