Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Justice Kennedy Draws Picture for Obama's DOJ

On a roll - Josh Gerstein informs readers of Politico.Com that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy recently commented on the disappearance of commutations of sentence in what used to be known in our system of government as the executive branch's clemency process. Justice Kennedy's commentary came during oral argument for a case involving one Percy Dillon, a cocaine dealer. Gerstein notes Justice Kennedy "apparently surprised" Justice Department attorney Leondra Kruger "by asking whether prisoners like Dillon, who was sentenced to more than 26 years, might get any relief from the White House."

Here is what followed:
Kennedy: "Does the Justice Department ever make recommendations that prisoners like this have their sentence commuted?" 
Kruger: "I am not aware of the answer to that, Justice Kennedy." 
Kennedy: "Isn't the population of prisoners in the Federal prisons about 185,000 now? I think it is. And how many commutations last year? None. How many commutations the year before? Five. Does this show that something is not working in the system? 185,000 prisoners? I think that is the number." 
Kruger: "I'm not prepared to speak to that question today."
See Gerstein's full piece here.

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Anonymous said...

The more President Obama is told what to do, the less likely he will do it.

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