Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Louisiana: Automatic Pardon Not Enough of Pardon

Ernal Broussard had some nerve challenging Francis Touchet, Jr. for a position on the Abbeville City Council. So, Touchet pointed out what any opponent might have pointed out: that Broussard was a convicted felon, recently out of prison, who was never pardoned. On the other hand, it is true that, at the end of his sentence, Broussard was given an "automatic" pardon (from someone) because he had committed a non-violent crime. So, that's why we have courts!

A trial court ruled Broussard was disqualified because 1) he had been out of prison less than 15 years and 2) his pardon did not come from the president or governor. A court of appeals reversed, going so far as to question Broussard's conviction! Finally, the Louisiana State Supreme Court agreed with the trial court, and held Broussard ineligible.

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