Thursday, March 4, 2010

Missouri: Meet Nelson Hopkins, Sr.

The Kansas City News blog has one fascinating piece on Nelson Hopkins Sr., the director of Pardon and Parole Negotiation Services. Hopkins seeks to help ex-cons, but he is said to drop clients like hot rocks if he "catches them in a lie" or if they are "unwilling to take responsibility for their crimes." His "vision" is to:
... repopulate the city's east side with reformed ex-cons -- the people who contributed to the decline of their neighborhoods by committing crimes, getting arrested, and leaving behind fatherless children. "Who else can come tell these young bucks how to live?" Hopkins asks. "We have to use the same people who tore these neighborhoods up. We have to tell them that it's their turn to rebuild the neighborhoods they tore down. 'You did it -- you gon' do it.'"
But Hopkins also believes society must be willing to forgive. So, he educates potential employers about state and federal incentives for hiring felons and offers assistance in writing letters to the governor of Missouri requesting clemency. See this fascinating story here. For additional information, go here.

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