Monday, March 8, 2010

More Change: Keeping the Heraclitus Crowd Happy!

The migration progress for appears to be coming to an end. We continue to add images, fix dead links and adjust this and that. But most of these changes will not even be noticed. It also appears the current three-column spread works in IE, Firefox and Google - which pleases us very much. Now, we are ready to go on to the next big thing:

Tomorrow, we will launch in order to provide some of the information that used to appear on this blog and some. will serve as the primary starting point for members of the news media who are interested in data and analysis of federal executive clemency or, the president's power to power. The site will include downloadable versions of professional papers, manipulable bibliographies, higher quality graphs and charts and contact information for several pardon experts Nation-wide. Original data will be presented, discussed and - upon request - shared with interested readers. Please find a way to visit us at tomorrow!

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