Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Number of Days Till the First Pardon.

President Obama has gone 414 days without granting a single pardon or commutation of sentence. He will soon pass the ever-popular John Adams (Mr. Alien Sedition Acts), and move into 3rd place, among the very slowest in history. Indeed, this seems very likely, if Obama intends to wait until December to act. Then it is simply a matter of whether or not he will be more negligent than Bush or Clinton.

Washington, incidentally, hardly deserves the same level of disappointment. The colonists had had their fill of the King's abuse of the pardon power and the President, under the Articles of Confederation, could pardon no one. Neither the Virginia Plan nor the New Jersey Plan (at the Constitutional Convention) contained a pardon power. The first draft of the Constitution had no such power either, until a single delegate, working as a committee member, scribbled it into the margin. On top of all of that, of course, is the fact that there were relatively few federal laws to violate, and few criminals for Washington to pardon.


Anonymous said...

The list of applicants who have been processed, investigated and ready for submission to the President is long. I had my background check completed April 2009. Just for others to know, 66% of all pardons are granted in November, December, and January, So the chance of anything being done before November 2010 is very slim. If anyone could shade some light on how long the list is and how long do they keep you on it before some action taken. I try to stay hopeful, but the Presidents lack of interest in these matters is breaking me down. I hope for good news for any action on his part so we can determine our chances.

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

EDITOR: Re the timing of pardons, see paper here. Best,

Anonymous said...

You're not alone. My application was submitted in May 2008, for a white collar offense which occured in 1990/1991. My FBI background investigation was completed in August 2009. I too, am anxious, as well as cautiously optimistic. I believe the current political plate in front of our president will keep him from taking any action/s, that would or could put him under any further scrutiny at the moment. I believe the political climate of the present will need to settle down some before any of us applicants will see any relief. I of course could be wrong, this is just my opinion. The prediction of November, or December rings true in my hopefull mind.

btw.. love your site Mr. Ruckman

Anonymous said...

stats, past, & present are here:

Anonymous said...

Did you submit the application yourself or did you hire an attorney?

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