Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quote of the Day: Grover Cleveland on Pardons

I have been listening to many applications, and I shall pardon when I see fit. I shall be a governor until the end of my term, not-withstanding all the would-be governors in the State. I am going to do just as I have a mind to about this pardoning business, whether the newspapers like it or not. [One] of these days I'll grant a pardon just because, in my judgment, it ought to be granted and I shall say that is my reason, and shall not give any other. Justice, mercy, and humanity are the things alone to be considered in the application for a pardon. And if I find a poor fellow is unjustly imprisoned, or there is any good reason why he should be pardoned, I'll pardon, and will not regard the record at all. - Grover Cleveland

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