Monday, March 29, 2010

SF Chronicle: Pardon Prouty

Nada Prouty, ex-FBI agent and CIA covert terrorism officer, was featured on the CBS television show 60 minutes yesterday and the San Francisco Chronicle is convinced that, should the Obama administration ever decide to kick start a clemency program, she should be pardoned.

Prouty had one of the nations highest security clearances, speaks several languages, has saved American lives, and, says the Chronicle, "by all appearances is an American Patriot, and the real-life Captain America." She even got the confession of the mastermind of the hijacking of Pan Am flight 73. Now she is doing 160 years in jail.

In 2007 the Bush Administration linked Prouty to a Lebanese-American, Talal Chahine, then found a photo of Chahine with a leader connected to Hezbollah. It was then discovered that Prouty was party to a "green card" marriage almost two decades ago. The Chronicle notes she was then painted as "a person plotting to enter America as an illegal alien and pass secrets to terrorist groups; the same groups that have people Nady Prouty has apprehended or in some cases killed in defense of her country."

The CIA cleared her of any wrongdoing, but Prouty pled guilty because "she was literally spent into a corner. The legal fees were too much for her to bear."  She agreed to waive the 10-year statute of limitations on immigration fraud and plead guilty to two felonies related to the sham marriage. She also pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of unauthorized use of an FBI computer, a charge she now denies. See story here.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think she was sentenced to any jail time?

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