Friday, April 23, 2010

Maryland: Wrong Place. Wrong Time. Wrong Governor.

Dan Rodricks of the Baltimore Sun argues persuasively that, had Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) won re-election as Maryland governor in 2006, Mark Farley Grant would probably be out of prison. Why? Rodricks believes Ehrlich would have probably read a report report from the University of Maryland School of Law that establishes Grant is innocent. As things stand, Grant is working on a life sentence for murder committed during the course of a robbery when he was 15 years old! Indeed, in a recent interview, Ehrlich referred to Grant's case as a "prime candidate for my review."

Rodricks complains the current governor, Martin O'Malley (D) "apparently can't be bothered with requests for clemency." A recent study found 30 life sentences  have been recommended for parole during O'Malley's term, but he has denied all requests. Rodericks writes:
That a substantive request for clemency could be subject to the political priorities and whims of any particular governor should trouble everyone with a functioning sense of justice. Political calculus has no place in a governor's exercise of his powers to grant clemency or to approve recommendations of parole from the commission entrusted to review requests.
See complete article here.

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