Friday, April 23, 2010

Someone Denies Something for the White House!

The CBS Hot Sheet reports that a "senior administration official" has "flatly denied" the report that French President Nicolas Sarkozy delivered a letter from film director Roman Polanski to President Obama. Says the official (and therefore "the White House"): it "did not happen." Well, that about settles it, 450 plus days into the administration and we are still without very much evidence at all that the administration knows there is any such thing as the pardon power! See story here.


Anonymous said...

I love everyone's effort on this site into carrying out the news. If such a document is not in existence as declared by the White House, it simply doesn't exist. I always thought the oil companies had documents in existence with Bush too. I guess I might be wrong. Roman Polanski hits the bar hands down in coming any sense of such a step close to a pardon. Everyone knows that. What everyone doesn't know is that of a "pre-commutation." I must have made this sort of word up right? Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. All one has to do is ask the majority of judges that decide adult female teacher sex-crimes to juveniles. If anybody follows those sentences, trust me, the word exists.

-Former Student-

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

EDITOR: ANON, in case you are wondering, yes, you are wearing out your welcome. I am cutting you a little more slack in hope that you will remain serious, in focus, and relevant. I admit, I do not have high hopes.

Simple fact is, until the President himself speaks to the matter, it makes no difference how many anonymous bureaucrats say this or that.

Your passage "hands down in coming any sense of such a step close to a pardon" makes no sense at all. Please proof-read before you submit posts.

Class may be over, but I am still no less tolerant of rude behavior and carelessness.


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