Thursday, April 22, 2010

Will Obama Pardon Blago to Avoid Being Undressed in Court?

Lawyers for former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich want President Obama subpoenaed. Come on now! This is no time to lose our sense of humor! It all raises the obvious question, does it not?

Will President Obama pardon Blago in order to avoid being undressed by lawyers? And let's face it, it is just the kind of question that would be seriously (or at least passionately) asked and bounced around the blogosphere ad nauseum if George W. Bush were president!

What? Have you forgotten all of the energy there used to be for outrageous Bush pardon speculation? Bush will pardon Ted Stevens. Bush will pardon Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling. Bush will pardon Michael Milken. Bush will pardon Roger Clemens. Bush will pardon "Duke" Cunningham. Bush will pardon Larry Craig. Bush will pardon Scooter Libby. Bush will pardon Karl Rove. Bush will pardon Dick Cheney. Bush will pardon himself! Bush will pardon Cheney, then resign, and Cheney will pardon Bush!

My, my, where has all of this energy gone?

Then again, maybe those of us who are critical of the President for granting zero pardons and commutations of sentence in 455 days are just clueless. Maybe, just maybe Obama's D.O.J. has been at the helm all along, cranking out those double secret pardons that John Dean and Keith Olbermann were all over during the Bush "regime."


Zachary Cordane said...

The fact is there is one fundamental difference between the queries as to Bush and Obama, namely an actual connection to the potential pardons.

Scooter Libby was an integral part of Dick Cheney's office. Cheney was by all accounts the man charged with finding intelligence to justify the war Bush was demanding and Libby helped there. Given the fact Bush had already commuted Libby's sentence to prevent Libby from being punished for lying under oath, it was not too much of a stretch to see a full pardon down the road.

Meanwhile the closest connection that anyone can find between Obama and Blago is simply having lived in the same state. Such academically specious arguments are silly and pathetic and should be above any actual legitimate discussion of the issue.

John Thacker said...

Meanwhile the closest connection that anyone can find between Obama and Blago is simply having lived in the same state.

I dunno, as noted, the fact that Blago's lawyers are trying to subpoena Obama seems like a closer connection to me. Or the fact that the seat being filled by Blago is the one that was occupied by Obama. Or the fact that picking someone amenable to Obama could at least help him pass his agenda.

Sure, Blago's a liar, so it could all be crap, but his people do seem to be claiming that Obama went back and forth on a list of candidates and "possibly" knew about the scheme.

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