Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Illinois: Holder Convinces Quinn to Act

Tamara Holder knows what it is like to go for the long shot. She can look at ridiculously depressing odds and plow ahead, undeterred, focused, hopeful, confident. And it takes just that kind of person to take an interest in sincerely representing clients who are in need of and/or well deserving of executive clemency, state or federal.

Holder recently succeed in obtaining "emergency" clemency for a client and, in doing so, by her own accounting, experienced one of the most satisfying feelings she has ever experienced as a lawyer. On Friday, April 30, Governor Pat Quinn (D) granted an emergency commutation of Stacey Kauth's 20-year sentence because Kauth is dying of cancer. Holder has several serious concerns about the quality and timeliness of Kauth's treatment, but is exceptionally pleased that her client is able to return home for the final four to six weeks of her life.

PardonPower says "kudos" to Ms. Holder. Another big positive check mark for Governor Quinn, for doing what was very obviously the right thing to do. Our sincere thoughts and prayers for Stacey, and her friends and family.


Henry E Clark Jr said...

Mr Quinn is a good person and he believes giving people a second chance, if you have never commited a crime, I still bet at one time or another you have ask someone for a second chance..Mr Quinn, Thank you for having campassion for people that has made a mistake several years ago...I cant wait for you to look at my pardon request for writing a bad check 21 yrs ago..Thank you Mr Quinn
Henry E Clark, Bernie MO 63822

P.S. Ruckman, Jr. said...

EDITOR: Henry, I wish you the very best of luck!

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