Friday, May 21, 2010

North Carolina: Pardon for the Innocent!

Governor Beverly Perdue (D) has granted the first pardon of her administration. It went to Greg Taylor, who was charged with murder and spent 17 years in prison before a three judge panel declared him "innocent" and had him released. Taylor is now in a position to seek $750,000 in compensation from the State. The pardon is said to be the result of the "North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission, the only panel of its kind in the country set up to investigate claims of innocence." It is reported that Governor Perdue asked for results of DNA tests on clothing before granting the pardon. See story here.


Anonymous said...

That's Great Governor Perdue now how about looking to pardon some of the people who have made mistakes and deserve a second chance.

Anonymous said...

I second that! Believe it or not there are hundreds on the list waiting for a second chance, do the right thing and show you have a heart.

Anonymous said...

I agree, there are many behind bars that deserve a second chance. We all make mistakes in life and that's just a part of the learning process. Governor Perdue keep in mind the decisions you make for some just don't affect their life, but their families too. I'm asking that you take a look at the numerous amount of nonviolent inmates that are behind bars and consider giving them a second chance at life......In Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!!!

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