Friday, June 11, 2010

Oregon: Request From Abused Spouse, Child

A reader informs PardonPower that two clemency petitions were filed in the State of Oregon on Tuesday, June 1. The cases involve two defendants Wendy and Randy Maldonado (a mother and son) who entered into plea agreements of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter in April 2006. The deceased was the mother's husband, Aaron, and the son's father.

In May of 2005, Wendy beat her husband in the head with a hammer. The couple married young, because of a pregnancy. There followed an eighteen-year marriage replete with spousal and child abuse that was often witnessed by neighbors, documented in police photographs and evident by holes in the walls of their home (subsequently covered by pictures drawn by their children). Wendy received a 10-year prison sentence. Randy was sentenced to six years and three months.

The documentary, One Minute to Nine features this family and the film was selected by Amnesty International as its 2008 film on violence and children. HBO picked up the film for broadcast and began airing an edited version Every F-cking Day of My Life in December 2009.

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski has 180 days to make his determinations.

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