Monday, June 14, 2010

Utah: Rejection

The Associated Press reports that the State's five-member parole board has "unanimously decided not to grant clemency" to Ronnie Lee Gardner, who is scheduled to be executed by firing squad next week. It is reported that the board found that "the jury's verdict imposing a death sentence was not inappropriate and that no sufficient reason exists to grant clemency or to commute" the sentence. The AP also says the last time Utah "granted clemency to a condemned man" was in 1962! See story here.


Henry E Clark Jr said...

I really do not know why someone would want to be killed in front of firing squad...but that is what he picked to be exucuted by, very sad thing, mainly for his family to indure. Also when a person takes another persons life, he deserves what he gets, it goes hand in hand..It is really hard to feel bad for a "killer"...So this is one time justice will be done !!!

Anonymous said...

Henry... The firing squad execution, is done indoors in a "chamber". He'll be strapped in a chair, face covered. I believe 4 sharpshooters, 3 bullets from 20' away. The bonus to this form of execution is many organs can be harvested for donation. On a personal note, Gardner is getting what he deserves.....

A Utah resident

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