Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arizona: Brewer Continues to Baffle and Annoy

Joe Dana of KPNX-12 notes Governor Jan Brewer's inexcusable behavior in the case of William Macumber's clemency petition continues to "frustrate many." Katie Puzauskas, an attorney at the Arizona Justice Project (Arizona State University) says she hopes "the governor reconsiders her decision and if there's any information she would like to have in order to make the decision to just ask." Dana also writes:
Attorneys with the Justice Project plan to appeal once again to the clemency board next year for Macumber's release. They are gathering more evidence in hopes of bolstering their case. They say what's most frustrating about the governor's decision is that she did not provide a specific reason for the clemency denial. "A unanimous recommendation from the board is so rare. To have a decision declining the recommendation without giving a reason is very disappointing," Puzauskas said.
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