Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Daily Caller on Obama's Non-Existent Clemency Program

Kyle Peterson of has written a nice overview piece on President Obama's fabulous neglect of the pardon power. In addition to information which regular readers of this blog will be familiar, Peterson gathers some quotes from Kenneth Lee, a lawyer with Jenner & Block LLP, who "assisted with pardons as former associate counsel to President Bush." Lee is quoted as saying, rather oddly, that pardons are a "no-win situation" for presidents, but prospective recipients and Lady Justice might beg to differ. Lee is also quoted as saying that he thinks pardons are "a very important part of our criminal justice system." But one would be hard pressed to make a case for this position based on clemency statistics during the period he was "assisting" President Bush. Lee also guesses that Obama’s first pardons "will come around Christmas." We are soooooo curious as to why he thinks that! See complete Daily Caller article here.

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Anonymous said...

The shear back log of applicants processed and awaiting pardon action stands at 1140. Having been processed over a year ago, its hard to find hope as to how I would be picked out of this crowd. I am one of those who has paid for my actions and lived a good life, but what my rights back. Its sad that the pardon process appears to have been abandoned.

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