Friday, July 2, 2010

Delware: Recommendation

The Dover Post reports that the State's Board of Pardons has recommended (in a split vote) that the life sentence of 64-year old Judith A. McBride be commuted to life with the possibility of parole. McBride was convicted of conspiracy to commit the murder of her estranged husband, who was found in a bathtub stabbed 27 times (10 times in the face). If you are the kind of person who is still stumbling and bumbling over the basic facts in the Maurice Clemmons case, or you have the perverted sense of justice that Jan Brewer displays, you need not read further. This story will be much, much more than you are likely to be able to handle.

McBride claimed she had been the victim of domestic abuse during her two-year marriage. But the board also noted that, since her 1982 conviction, at least five others had been convicted in Delaware of a similar crime but received lesser sentences "due to extenuating circumstances." In 1993, then-Attorney General Charles Oberly was quoted as saying, “If [McBride’s] case came in today, we may very well let her plead guilty to manslaughter or murder second-degree, and she’d be out of here by now.” More recently, a Chief Deputy Attorney General has said "the case would have been treated differently today insofar as today it would be subject to a capital case review process before a determination was made to seek capital sentencing,” he wrote." See story here.

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